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Military appreciation

We are new to the area and I had seen a post from Dr. Rose office on a local FB page asking for addresses for military personnel out on deployment. They were sending care packages out with Girl Scout cookies that they purchase from local troops. I was so taken back by the generosity that I scheduled a consultation. The front office was super nice when I called and gave really good directions. They had a chalkboard out front welcoming me to the office with balloons. Their whole office was decorated and they had a coffee bar, which was awesome when you have a toddler. Dr Rose was very professional and I was able to see some Girl Scouts come in with cookies. There was actually a group of them. He took the time to take pictures and ask all their names. I started treatment and have been telling friends about their office. Great experience so far.


Always love this office and staff. So friendly and it makes for an easy process


This office provided the best experience for my son. As a military family starting treatment is always a concern when orders come up. We were in the middle of treatment when my husband received orders to transfer. The front office helped us find a licensed Orthodontist in our new town, so Diego never missed time with his treatment. They transferred all his records and made sure we were set during our move. I still follow them on social media and was blown away by the amount of care packages he sent to our military troops over seas. Hands down one of the best offices to visit.

Smile on!

I absolutely love Dr. Rose and everyone at this wonderful orthodontic office! A good friend of mine named Calandra works at here she recommended that I go see Dr. Rose because I’ve always wanted braces. I want the perfect smile and I know with Dr. Rose I will achieve it! Going to them has been a major confidence boost and I look forward to every visit!! Everyone is so friendly and just as excited as you are about the process! I’m super excited about getting them off but I know I will miss seeing these lovely folks once a month😊

Braces appointment

Everything about this office has been amazing since the initial phone call. My daughter was recently seen to have braces put on. She was very nervous about the appointment, but as we pulled up and seen her name on the board outside with balloons she got super excited. Every time we visit the office the front office is so friendly and she loves going in the back office to see the staff. I appreciate all the extra steps they are continuing to follow with COVID. She really loved the sunglass she got the day her braces were put on. We look forward to bringing in our other children soon. We would definitely recommend this office to friends and family.

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