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Jan 07, 2020

Schindel Orthodontic Review
Lynn Q.

As a child my smile was nice and straight until I entered High School when my eye teeth came in and left me with a crooked and crowed smile that made me self-conscious about my appearance. My general dentist had no solution and told me I was too old for braces. A few years later (late 80's), a new dentist told me that I could get the smile I wanted. He sent me to Dr. Samuel Schindel, who was ahead of the curve (remember this is pre-invisiglin) providing orthodontic treatment for adults. I had no insurance and we worked out a monthly payment plan. As a young adult putting myself through college, I could see no better way to spend my hard earned money! The results were, and still are after 30 years, amazing and truly life changing.......
Fast forward a couple of decades. When the pediatric dentist recommend that our children have an orthodontic consultation, we knew just where to go. Three of my four children are currently patients of Dr. Robert Schindel. Although on occasion they have been seen by Dr. Sam, the one who got Mom's teeth straight! Again, the results are amazing, and they all have a beautiful smile! Schindel Orthodontics are very accommodating, knowledgeable, patient and kind. Treatment plans/procedures are thoroughly explained. They are always flexible with appointments and run on time. Our family highly recommends Schindel Orthodontics!

Dec 14, 2017

Gabe M.

My daughter isabella has been seeing Dr. Bob since she was 11 years old... her teeth were in bad shape. 31/2 years later her teeth are perfect ! Isabella has a beautiful smile and is so happy now. Dr. Bob did a fantastic job and was nothing but professional, kind and so very nice through the entire process.. he's a great guy and a fabulous orthodontist. Thanks so much Bob..