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Sep 06, 2016

The Best Care... -- Featured Review
Charlene N.

Dr. Marcus is a fabulous orthodontist & the only bay area orthodontist recommended by one of the arguably best orthognathic surgeons in the world, Dr. Arnett in Santa Barbara. I am cursed with lifelong jaw problems (thanks mom!) & went to Dr. Arnett after 15 years and 2 previous unsuccessful surgeries with a different surgeon. I won't lie, I looked a mess. Dr. Arnett entrusted my care to Dr. Marcus. I had my third surgery in April of 2010. Between the two of them, my jaw is stable and has been stable for the past two years. My teeth touch, I can chew, no more headaches. I know most people can't imagine this, but I haven't been able to bite into a sandwich in almost 20 years, now I can! Do you think you might need orthognathic surgery? Well here is your orthodontist!

As far as regular orthodontics go, I can only imagine Dr. Marcus is stellar at that as well. While many people worry a lot about the bells and whistles that a practice will give them, the most important thing is the skill of the orthodontist. Dr. Marcus is conscientious about keeping up with his continuing education in order to provide the best for his patients. He will provide an honest and fair assessment of you or your child's issues and will treat them appropriately and with a more than fair price for the quality of the work.

Aug 25, 2022

Outstanding, highly experienced and skillful
A L.

Dr. Marcus is an outstanding, highly experienced, skillful orthodontist who took on my difficult challenging case (over 60 with gum recession). He cares about the final outcome as a perfectionist sculpture artist. He was not completely satisfied with my final Invisalign outcome. It looked great to me and all my family, but he noticed a slight flaw/misalignment in the mold that was made for my retainer. He proceeded forward with additional refinements at no additional cost to me. Amazing care! On top of all that. he is a great human being with wonderful warm sense of humor. The office staff vibe is equally friendly, happy, caring, professional, skillful. I live in San Francisco, and worth driving an extra 5-10 min (total drive is 30 min).

Aug 19, 2020

Orthodontic Treatment from Dr. Marcus.
Carlos G.

We could not be happier with Dr. Marcus and his entire team. Both my son Noah and daughter Gianna are going through treatment under his guidance and their smiles are turning perfect because his expertise and professionalism.
We are almost done with both Invisalign treatments, and we definitely recommend Dr. Marcus 100% He is funny, has a unique sense of humor and my kids love going to see him at his office.

Jun 06, 2019

Honest, Straightforward, and Knowledgeable
Johnny W.

I came to Dr. Marcus for adult braces with an intention of fixing my open bite caused by Invisalign with another inexperienced Dentist (Note: I said Dentist & not an Orthodontist!) From the initial consultation till the end of treatment had been a wonderful experience. All of Dr. Marcus's staff were very accommodating and friendly throughout the treatment - Dr. Marcus was able to fix my bite in such short amount of time! I highly recommend Dr. Marcus and his staff if you are looking for a knowledgeable Orthodontist who will give you honest and straightforward insight/treatment on your orthodontic needs!

Feb 14, 2017

Honest Doc
Laura P.

Dr. Marcus is awesome! Both my daughters are patients of Dr. Marcus and he and his team are very informative about the whole orthodontist process. One daughter needed a ton of work (which we already knew) and the other he recommended didn't need the braces as of yet and was honest with us that Invisilign was an option since her teeth were pretty straight already after taking 3-D X-Rays. They are super helpful with the flex spending option through work and they offer a great payment plan to supplement.

Oct 03, 2016

3 Reasons to Visit Dr. Marcus

Dr. Marcus and his staff are the best. Why? Well, the staff is super friendly and helpful. They almost always run on time, and they use the best equipment there is. But most importantly, I would recommend Dr. Marcus very highly for three main reasons.
1. He is a true orthodontia geek. That means he loves his craft and his science. He works to achieve the best results possible, and he keeps up on the latest developments and technologies.
2. He only uses the highest quality equipment. No fads or products that people have made because kids like them. He uses what is high quality and what he needs to get the job done with the best results in the most appropriate period of time.
3. He tells you the truth. If you or your family member don't need braces, he will tell you that. He will tell you what he can fix and what may not get fixed. He understands teenagers and adjusts his methods and techniques to adapt to what he knows teenagers will and will not comply with (can you say headgear??).

Both of my children have been treated by this office, and I can honestly say that I am completely satisfied and have recommended him to anyone. He has outstanding technicians and very friendly and helpful office staff. Oh, and he is totally nice and has a good sense of humor.

Aug 18, 2016

Very Ethical & Highly Skilled
Ellen S.

It is rare to meet someone so interested, ethical and highly skilled in his profession and I'm very appreciative. I'd give him 10 stars if I could.

I'm an adult, 65, referred at my request by my San Francisco periodontist because my teeth are "drifting", causing some very slight spaces and rotation, but it bothered me. Dr. Marcus considered my concerns, gave his opinion and explained my options in a pleasant, positive way. He described procedures that would occur if I did choose braces--things I'd never even considered. He answered questions. After taking some time to consider the information, I was able to make the decision not to get braces, but will get a retainer to prevent further movement.

Honest, informative, thorough, knowledgeable, likeable, prompt--and this goes for the entire staff.

Aug 18, 2016

No Hesitation...
Kelly L.

When looking for an ortho my husband didn't hesitate to send his children to the very man who did all his ortho work, and from what I hear he was a project. I have been taking the kids for a month now and I see why my husband was so convinced. The staff is nice and Dr. Marcus is very gentle and takes the time to fully explain everything.

Aug 16, 2016

Very Grateful!
Sheila M.

Over the years, I've read many Yelp reviews but have never posted one. But I'm finally compelled to take the time to write one because I'm so grateful for the excellent orthodontic treatment my daughter has received from Dr. Marcus.

He is dedicated to ensuring the best possible outcome (tremendous attention to detail) and he interacts very well with the child/teen patient. His office has gone to great lengths to accomodate our scheduling needs and everyone in the office is a pleasure. (First medical/dental office I've encountered that I can communicate with via email for rescheduling or other operational issues!)

My daughter's case was quite a challenge (significantly beyond teeth straightening or bite issues) and Dr. Marcus has gone so far above and beyond for her. She will benefit for the rest of her life from his care.

I can't recommend him strongly enough...we are so happy that we chose Dr. Marcus!

Aug 16, 2016

Camryn W.

I was extremely impressed with Dr. Marcus, his staff and his office. Dr. Marcus is a true professional. He is a great orthodontist who takes his time treating his patients and explaining the treatment. His staff is very friendly and does a good job keeping appointment times so there is not a long wait. His office is completely computerized down to the patient check-in process. I highly recommend Dr. Marcus if you are looking for an orthodontist.

Aug 15, 2016

Jill E.

Dr. Marcus and his dynamic staff are amazing! We've been going to the office for about a year and a half and it's always so much fun. The warmth, great attention to detail and professionalism that is felt every time we are in Dr. Marcus' office makes it a great place to go for both me and my children. We feel so fortunate to have Dr. Marcus and his staff in our lives and making our children's teeth/bites gorgeous!!!

Aug 15, 2016

Great Office!
Peggy B.

I brought all three of my kids to Dr. Marcus for orthodontics and have been extremely impressed with his work, his manner and the outcome. My kids' teeth look great! Dr. Marcus is smart, thoughtful and professional. And besides this, he really understands teens, jokes with them, makes them feel comfortable and not dread their appointments. Not an easy feat with this age group. His office staff and assistants have been nothing less than professional, warm and accomodating. I would (and have) recommended him to many of my friends whose children need orthodontia.