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Aug 04, 2022

Prostate -- Featured Review
Felix C.

If you are in need of a Urologist Dr. Girish Vallabhan and his Staff are The Best! My Robotic Prostate surgery went so well no problems whatsoever! I was ready to go back to work after 2 weeks of course I was not allowed but this is how well I felt I did not need any pain meds after the surgery I am doing very well Thank You Dr Vallabuan & Staff!! God Bless You All!! I Recommend Dr. Vallabuan & his staff very highly!!

Dec 07, 2022

worst clinic i've ever been to
Dimi M.

Waited over 90 mins to be seen after a schedule appointment dealt with rude office staff, and dr brothers (who was equally rude) who just threw pills at me and made assumptions about what he THOUGHT i might or not have had, and got upset i didnt do his ridiculous restrictive diet or buy his over priced snake oil pills. Then staff how the audacity to ask if I wanted to be seen again several months later. No thanks.

Jun 27, 2022

Kidney cancer
Natalie D.

Dr. Beck and his whole team are very knowledgeable, caring, and consistent.
Every visit has been the same caliber consistent quality of care.
I had no idea what kind of doctor he was - no one I knew had a clue. Other than my primary doctor referring him… this was the absolute best discussion made.
Dr. Beck and his team have made this time in my life easier to deal with - with confidence

May 31, 2022

Drs. are GREAT--Office Staff NOT
Melody H.

Two different times, we have been to this clinic. In 2014,we first saw Dr. Brothers (who had treated my father-n-law with kidney cancer and later kidney cancer in the lung who passed in 2017). However, office staff later told us AFTER surgery was scheduled for my husband, they couldn't accept our insurance. So we went to another doctor. Dec. 2021,our PCP referred us Dr. Britton for prostate issues. We were very happy with Dr. Britton and his cautious concern knowing my husband's familial history. However, due to inept office personnel at the front desk, and their mess up with MRI scheduling we had to change doctors again. Once again, the Doctors at this clinic are GREAT, but the office staff is very lacking in communicating and doing their work efficiently. Side Note, we are still getting calls from Office staff (4 months later)trying to schedule my husband's MRI. We've even been in there requesting medical records and told them we have surgery scheduled with another doctor.

Reply from office
I am very sorry for any inconveniences you faced at Lubbock Urology Clinic. We are constantly training staff and unfortunately finding good personnel remains to be a challenge especially since covid. The most unfortunate aspect is there are many insurance companies Lubbock Urology Clinic are in network with, but some insurance websites and many personnel whom answer the phone for insurance companies do not have the accurate list of providers.

May 19, 2022

Bladder sling
Frank W.

Three years ago, I had a prostatectomy in Portland, OR. Thankfully they got all of the cancer, but unfortunately, I couldn't slow down the constant leakage that started, after the surgery. This caused me to retire early and stopped most of my other activities. After two or three visits with Dr. Spore in Lubbock, we decided I was a good candidate for a bladder sling. It's been two weeks now, and it's still challenging to sit or do much activity due to the healing process, but the excess leakage has stopped, and I know the healing process will take a few weeks, so I couldn't be happier. If there was a rating above 5 stars, I'd give it to him. It's going to change my life.

Apr 26, 2022

Kim B.

Dr. Vallabhan performed my prostate surgery yesterday. There is doubt in my mind that God sent me to him. He is a fantastic surgeon and just a fine person. There is no way to thank you enough. May God bless you!

Feb 22, 2022

Lubbock Urology Clinic is 5 star!
Jackie G.

Dr. Spore is an excellent urologist! He takes very good care of his patients. I’m so impressed that He, and other group of doctors he practices with, that I’m aware of, incorporate Christianity into their practice! That’s a win win situation for me! God bless Lubbock Urology clinic with the blessings of Abraham!

Nov 29, 2021

Dr. Beck

Used Dr. Beck for 3 years been very professional and answered all my questions and concerns.

May 14, 2021

Dr. Carl L. Britton Jr.
Jessica B.

I took my daughter here because she has been having issues. Dr. Britton sat quietly and listened to my daughter explain what her issues were and how long it had been happening. He explained to her what could be happening and why. He made sure she understood and asked her if she had any questions. He made her feel safe and also made sure to ask if I had any questions. He truly is an amazing doctor that made sure to take his time and get to know her and her symptoms.

May 11, 2021

Dr. Beck
Paul B.

Wow-wish we had read the reviews before my husband went to him. On his last visit after surgery Dr. Beck yelled at him (after he was asked a question) and stormed out of the room. My husband had no problem with him and he doesn't understand why he got so upset. He was simply trying to have a normal conversation with him. The following week my husband received a letter stating that Dr. Beck would no longer treat him as a patient.

May 06, 2021

Dr. Becks' mannerism
Vera A.

We went in with legitimate concerns about my husband. He has bleeding in the urine and our first instinct was "Cancer." I was very worried and so I asked if we needed to do other steps on top of what he was prescribing. He got in my face and asked why I thought it might be cancer and do I know anything about cancer. Well no I do not know much about cancer but isn't the doctors job to reassure us that he is going to illuminate things first and go from there. Why get in my face and yell at me and then continue to do so in the hallway where there were other patients and people watching. I think this was very unprofessional of him. He could of talked to me calmly and looked at the situation from my side. I am a concerned wife who loves her husband very much plus just recently losing my father I was very nervous.

Mar 26, 2021


He spoke down to me the whole time, didn't lay a hand on me to address the the ball I feel like I lay on when I sleep on my tummy. NEVER had a UTI before, and he says I have UTI's that are re-occurrent so gave me an Rx for MORE antibiotics, incase I feel like I have another UTI. How would I know? NO PAIN WHEN PEEING! NO URGENCY! CT he said showed no stones. Did he even look for anything else on the contrast and non contrast CT? Did he see anything on the X-Ray? HE DID NOT SAY SO I do NOT think he even checked! He didn't answer my questions! Said Women with periods (which I don't have thanks to an ablation) and women with menopause or that have intercourse always have ISSUES. He spent less than 5 minutes with me on BOTH visits! Gave me a pill to take for URGENCY a month ago.. I DON'T HAVE URGENCY ! Today he tells me it can help with bladder Spasms! Looked up the med.. should not be taken by ANYONE with HIGH BLOOD PRESURE! He didn't even check on that before giving me that med? SO Glad I didn't take it! Will be collecting all my medical records and finding a Dr. that will listen to me and not MOCK ME! When I asked about the x-ray.. he skipped my question .. same when I asked about the CT.. I am SELF PAY! These things are NOT cheap and he had me do those. When MY Dr. sent me to him for a cystoscopy, he sent me for the more expensive things... and never did what She wanted him to do. So instead of having to pay less than $600 I had to pay $2400+! Disrespectful. Not him again.

Feb 10, 2021

Dr. Beck and Staff
Sybil W.

Dr. Beck did lithotripsy on my mother several years ago. She started having recurring UTI's the last couple of years or so, and we made an appointment to see him again. During COVID, they were asking that the patient come alone to their appointment, but my mother just turned 89, and her memory isn't as good as it once was, so I asked if I could accompany her and they checked with his nurse and said they would make a note on the appointment that I could accompany her. I never dreamed we'd leave his office after the first appointment knowing what the problem was, but we did! A pleasant surprise! His bedside manner is great and we'll be going back for follow ups.

Feb 06, 2021

Dr. Brothers
Rick P.

I have been seeing Dr Brothers for almost 20 years and he has always been very professional but also extremely caring. He has always taken the time to listen to any problems that I may have and then address them. I would highly recommend him.

Dec 21, 2020

Dr. Beck and Staff
Janice L.

Dr Beck and his staff have gone above and beyond what most doctors would have. Have been a patient there for 2 and a half years. I had malignant mass on my left kidney and he removed it and has helped with follow up appointments and is continually making sure that I stay healthy and have no problems. Such a blessing to be their patient! We are forever thankful for him and all of his wonderful staff!

Dec 09, 2020


they dismissed my pain😢. i am hurting and they said i shouldn’t be. i’m very upset

Oct 20, 2020

Dr. Spore & Staff
M M P.

First of all..Dr Spore is an outstanding urologist...and his empathy is something he should be very proud and thankful for....His staff is the best I've ever seen and set my mind at ease every time I see them...Overall...could not be any better! I would recommend Dr Spore to anyone needing treatment!

Oct 12, 2020

Dr. Britton & Staff
James j.


Oct 09, 2020

Dr spore
Karen (Katy) T.

There was no wait time! I feel all my queries answered; and was given me time to ask questions. Very pleased with care. No expensive tests until we see if they are needed!

Oct 09, 2020

Dr spore
Karen (Katy) T.

There was no wait time! I feel all my queries answered; and was given me time to ask questions. Very pleased with care. No expensive tests until we see if they are needed!

Oct 08, 2020

Dr. Spore & Staff
Dale B.

Dr. Spore and his staff have made a difficult time easier for me to Handel! They have been very supportive and understanding of my needs. I owe my life to them!!!!!!!!

Oct 08, 2020

Dr. Spore & Staff
Dale B.

Dr. Spore and his staff have made a difficult time easier for me to Handel! They have been very supportive and understanding of my needs. I owe my life to them!!!!!!!!

Oct 08, 2020

Dr Brothers and staff
David M.


Oct 08, 2020

Dr. Spore & Staff
Cheryl B.

Excellent Drs and Staff

Oct 08, 2020

Dr. Brothers and staff
Eusevio G.

Awesome staff Awesome Dr. Awesome nurse you all rock like rock stars

Oct 07, 2020

Dr. Britton & Staff
Richard D.

Dr. Britton is an excellent urologist who is dedicated to the health and well being of his patients. His nurses are compassionate and capable. This is a busy office, so sometimes there is a rather lengthy wait before seeing him. However, we appreciate his expertise and commitment to healing my condition.

Oct 07, 2020

Dr. Britton & Staff
Johnny K.

Always helpful and the staff is beyond friendly. Makes you feel at ease, and overall great Dr.,Staff, & patient relationship.

Oct 07, 2020

Dr. Brothers and staff
Adrian M.

I glad I'm coming here for my anuals well cared for staff courteous and caring wouldn't go no where else.

Oct 07, 2020

Dr. Britton & Staff
Tonya s.

Very nice staff, especial. Nurse. Dr Britton is great very personable. Recommend.

Oct 07, 2020

Dr. Britton & Staff
Joe S.

The staff is very courtious and helpful

Oct 07, 2020

Dr. Britton & Staf
Elsie J.

Real, real pleased with my visit! Girls were friendly and helpful. Dr. Britton very professional and explained things very well. Very pleased.

Oct 07, 2020

Dr Brothers and staff
Ruben v.


Oct 07, 2020

Dr brothers and staff

5 stars

Oct 07, 2020

Dr. Britton & Staff
Smyer A.

Very nice and professional staff, don't mind coming here and I don't feel intimidated if I ask questions. Actually like everyone.

Oct 06, 2020

Dr. Spore & Staff
Roy B.

Keep up the good work!

Oct 06, 2020

Dr. Spore & Staff
Wesley C.


Oct 06, 2020

Dr.Brothers And Staff
Wesley c.

Only of the best professionals I know. He's a good Christian man and I consider him not only my doctor but my friend. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing an urologist. Staff are not only professional but friendly and dedicated.

Sep 18, 2020

Office visit
Patrick N.

Very friendly and professional staff. I got in on my appointment time in a very timely manner. Dr. Spore is a great listener and had precise recommendations for me. This was my very first time there and I am glad I found these guys. I feel I am in great hands.

Feb 09, 2020

Dr Spore and clinic
Frances W.

I have been a patient of Dr Spore’s for a long time - even when his practice use to be across from Honey Baked Ham. I have been very pleased with him and his nurse Olivia for their concern and sincerity in helping me with my urological problems. I appreciate the other doctors and staff as well! You can count on them to help you with emergencies. I highly recommend Dr Spore and Lubbock Urology Clinic - North. 👍

Sep 12, 2019

Watch Out If You Have Medicare
Steve M.

I have been seeing Dr. Beck for several years. Since my last visit, I have gone on Medicare. I was told they would not accept my Medigap policy. My understanding of the law is that if they accept Medicare assignment, they have to also accept my Medigap. Since they never said they don’t accept Medicare, I can only assume that they are not following the rules. No worry, there are plenty of other urologists in town.

Reply from office
I'm so sorry for any inconvenience you may have experienced. The law does not state that if you accept medicare that you accept all medigaps. We do accept medicare with all true medicare supplements. We are out of network with Amerigroup, superior health, and a few other medigaps. I show you were on a Blue Cross plan but I'm not sure what medicare plan and what medigap you currently have.If you have any questions please call our office and ask for the office manager!

Apr 15, 2019

Excellent Care
J. B.

Referred to Dr. Vallabahn for prostate surgery. He showed me exactly what was wrong, what needed to be done, went over possible side effects, etc. Surgery was well done and following his directions I had zero pain, only had to take antibiotic to prevent infection. I would recommend him without reservation!

Feb 17, 2019

Lovely clinic, lovely folks.
Brittany F.

Tagged along with my Mom and talked to Dr S. Brothers about some of my symptoms. We decided to check my thyroid and we did blood work to test my thyroid. I had been having stomach pains for 2 weeks due to lack of bowel movement and she helped me with the wisdom of overcoming that obstacle. My mood has flipped and I feel like all my levels are alot more balanced and I'm just so thankful I got my cheery self back. (2 miscarriages wrecked me, I guess) So glad I went with my Mom, not only was it fun but I kinda got my life back.....Ladies here were all so sweet including the front desk. 2 days later the Dr called me back for medication to level out my thyroid levels. The doctor was so sweet, I left the first appointment feeling like her best friend haha. Like, can I just go chat with her and call it a therapy session?😋 Cant wait to go back to see what the blood says now🤞😊

Jan 03, 2019

Dr Beck

I am not sure where to start, but I would absolutely NOT recommend Dr Beck to anyone. He treated my family terribly and didn’t listen to family history or even my father’s medical history. When my parents questioned him and his staff, they called security and had these 2 grandparents escorted out of the office. Laughable. My dad was probably in his wheelchair at the time. Bottom line-my parents told Dr Beck what was happening and he refused to do a PET scan-he didn’t want to spend time on the phone justifying it. He likely cost my dad several months of living. We lost him right before Thanksgiving. I am trying to contain myself and be nice. A wise man (my father) once told me that the most arrogant people are the most insecure and, in medicine (he was in hospital administration , so he dealt with docs all the time), it probably meant that the doctor didn’t really know what s/he was doing. Afterall, you can become a doctor even if you get C’s in school. Read the other reviews about Dr Beck. Enough said.

Dec 08, 2018

Steve C.

This was the second time my grandson was to have surgeon to have a stone removed by beck and this time was even worse than the first time, which we didn't think could be possible--BUT it actually was!!! When he was asked a question my grandson was berated by him, he even threatened grandson because he had the audacity to question him and then he threw a tantrum, barked at a nurse and then stormed out!! Needless to say we canceled the surgery and got transferred to a different facility to use a different surgeon. WE will NEVER use beck again and we WILL NOT recommend him to anyone!!!!

Nov 15, 2018

Dr. Beck and Staff
Monty R.

I have worked with and seen Dr. Beck as a patient for over twenty years and highly recommend him and his staff. He has staff members that have been with him for many years that are really dedicated and know their profession very well. I do not feel like anyone knows the urology field like Dr. Beck. I will not trust any other group.

Nov 06, 2018

New patient
Janet W.

This was my first time here, I saw Dr. Mahal I was very impressed with him he listened to what I had to say and explained everything that is going on with me. Not all people understand medical terminology, so to find a doctor who breaks it down and asks if I understand or have any questions that’s a good thing. I will definitely recommend Dr. Mahal.

Nov 06, 2018

Dr. Vallabhan
Julie B.

Dr. Vallabhan and his staff have been incredible. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer and in the process of being treated by another local urologist - including having a surgery date. An acquaintance of my husbands called and told him not to have surgery until after speaking with Dr. Vallabhan because he was so pleased with his surgery, care, and recovery results. After going through the process of a cancer diagnosis and reading the on-line negative possible outcomes of prostate surgery, I am so thankful that we took the advise and contacted Dr. Vallabhan. His staff was very helpful and supportive through the entire process. I will give everyone with a prostate cancer diagnosis the same advice we were given - do not make any final decisions about your treatment until you have met with Dr. Vallabhan. We are very pleased and thankful.

Jul 06, 2018

Dr. Brothers

I saw Dr. Brothers as a new patient this week. I had been to two other urologist and really didn't get answers. Dr. Brothers took a lot of his time to explain my diagnosis and treatment unlike the past two physicians I had seen. Everyone was so nice, caring, and compassionate. The only negative is I was there about 2 1/2 hours but it was well worth the wait. The office is beautiful and very comfortable! I will recommend this office to everyone I know.

Jun 12, 2018


I have been to the clinic with my mom to see Dr. Mahal several times. (who is amazing by the way) Every time I have been in with her the front staff always seemed to be joking around and took forever to get her chart back. The past two times she was in they told her she didn't even have an apt. One she called and scheduled for 8:15am on one day. The receptionist told her no she did not have an apt, and that she would then have to wait until 9:30am. Dr. Mahal and his nurses are amazing. The front staff I would rather not deal with them again.

Reply from office
I am so sorry you had a negative experience. We have had a staffing change and I the issues have been resolved.

Apr 12, 2018

unanswer question running around in circle
Andrew R.

I was skeptical about coming into this place for this be a urology place asking about health care and health related issues .......and doing urine test and labwork for this company waste my time.......
and wondering what the results are for my lab .....that I have keep calling up their and asking about what going on with my lab work ect and I never heard back and call up their to find out but no one doesn't tell me anything, and asking questions on testosterone supplement if felt like it was in my best interest for health related issues take chris brown couldn't give me no answer on them and samething asking about HGC and aromatase inhibitors and this is their field and someone like me who is wanting do treatment right way and are worry about side effect doctors need to be on top of their Game and understand how testosterone replacement therapy works with HGC and aromastase inhibitors before working with clients because of damage that testosterone replacement therapy can do that my biggest issues with doctors

Feb 16, 2018

Lubbock Urology Clinic
Mark S.

Dr. Spore has been my urologist for more than a dozen years. From routine annual checkups through my cancer diagnosis and treatment, I have never left his office with questions unanswered. He has made certain that I, along with my wife, understand each diagnosis and explains all available options in detail in a manner calms and comforts us. He has earned 100% of our trust.
Additionally, Lubbock Urology Clinic has a staff that is second to none I've seen. Along with the other amazing doctors, the staff working there are wonderful. Nurses, aides, technicians and administrative staff have shown they genuinely care for their patients. Whether in person or on the phone I have been given the information I requested or needed in a timely manner and have always been treated with the utmost respect.
I highly recommend Lubbock Urology Clinic to anyone who needs urological care. Dr. Spore and his colleagues are experts in their field and provide excellent service to Lubbock and the South Plains area.

Feb 13, 2018

Dr. Spore is amazing in the field of urology
Ashley A.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Scott Spore for close to 15 years, and his experience and state of the art diagnostics set him apart from the rest! I have had severe IC since I was 14 and have been a patient ever since. He is very easy to talk to and offers various solutions individually tailored to your urological needs. I can’t recommend him enough! He has been a life saver! His staff is also highly personable and help you with all your needs.

Nov 15, 2017

DR. Britton office

Went in last week and let me say i loved this place! Everything was so organized. I met a young lady by the name Teresa who was the sweetest very patient and took the time to hear me and work with me, from a person who use to work at a Doctors office it’s good to know there’s still people like her in offices Who genuinely care about their patients. Dr. Britton you have a great team behind you. If you need anywhere to go, go to Dr. Britton!!

Oct 26, 2017

Medical Billing Rep

Hello first of all I am not a patient of yours but I did call to check to see what kind of insurance was taken for future visits. I was able to speak to an insurance rep by the name of Ebralyn and must I say she was the sweetest person I've spoken to in a long time. She was real informative and very polite. She had so much patience with me and answered all my questions. Just wanted to let the clinic know of the great employee you have working there. I will be visiting soon for sure.

Thank you.
Susan G.

Oct 06, 2017

Dr. Britton and staff
Cindy C.

Dr. Britton is an extremely talented, highly skilled, and compassionate physician. My husband and I have been his patients for several years, and he has done surgery for each of us. I find his office staff to be both professional and courteous. I would heartily recommend Dr. Britton to anyone looking for the best urologist!

Aug 25, 2017

First Time Visit
Eve A.

Dr. Carl Britton was my doctor. I am, let's just say, terrified of procedures of any kind. I am a 62 yo, Caucasian, female for demographics. I suffered for more than 2 yrs in an effort to avoid any contact. I had not slept for those 2 yrs bc I needed to go to the bathroom at least 3 times per night. My bladder felt FULL all the time. I could not dare travel bc I needed pit stops repeatedly!
Ok, Dr. Britton's staff were amazing. They were so sweet that no matter how snarky I became, they just stayed determined. My husband was physically restraining me. Lol
So, Dr. Britton came into the exam room. He had already tested my urine and told me it certainly was not a persistant infection and I would require a scope!! Oh no. He was so sweet and so understanding. He said, "I will be in and out in 2 minutes" and he was! I didn't have cancer. (Yea) I most likely was suffering from IC. I don't like prescription drugs almost as much as doctors! He prescribed ALOE VERA capsules and gave me a huge supply of samples. It literally was one of the only positive medical experiences I've had in Lubbock.

"If you're a chicken, go to Dr. Britton!" Lol

Jul 09, 2017

Billy S.

I am glad I am not the only one, I thought maybe it was me. The insurance lady and the surgery scheduler were the worst I have ever dealt with. As soon as I can I'm moving. Really dread having to ask them to move my records.

Reply from office
I am very sorry you had a bad experience with our office! Both the employees are no longer at the office and the new employees are fantastic per many positive compliments from patients. If you have not obtained your records and would like them please reach out to the office and we will help you.

Jul 05, 2017

Dr Britton
Jim R.

Have seen Dr Britton several times. I find him to be a compassionate caring Dr. However the office staff are the worst I have ever dealt with. When I asked the price of a procedure I never got a straight answer. I had to get my insurance on the line with them before I ever got an answer. The scheduling lady was just about as rude. His nurse never called me back with some blood test results and had to get them from the ladies at the front desk. I will say the front desk are the only helpful ones in the whole office.
It is a shame the office is so poorly run.

Reply from office
I am very sorry you had a negative experience at the office. We have replaced multiple staff members and are receiving very positive compliments regarding our services. I hope you will give our office a second chance!

Jan 04, 2017

Jill S.

Dr. Britton performed surgery on my 8 year old daughter and the experience was wonderful. He is great with kids and nervous parents. The office staff is very friendly and thorough. They are also great to let you get your testing done in your hometown if you do not live in Lubbock. I would highly recommend Dr. Britton to anyone.