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Aug 24, 2020

Sincere Thank You!
Lourdes O.

Dr. Daniello and his wonderful staff are absolutely amazing at what they do. The attentiveness Dr. Daniello and staff put into my son's treatment is unparalleled. My son (13 years old at the time) had an accident that caused severe trauma to his mouth. At first, we thought he lost his tooth. X-Rays revealed that his missing front tooth was shoved into this naval cavity. Two oral surgeries later and a perfectly executed treatment plan from Dr. Daniello, his original tooth was saved and positioned to its rightful place. My son's teeth look AMAZING! Needing Orthodontic treatment isn't always welcomed, but if you need Orthodontic treatment; there is not a better Orthodontist to turn to than Dr. Daniello!

They are the best!!