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Aug 03, 2021

Adam Cramer request
Rick C.

Hi Dr Berro. I’m asking a huge favor for my son Adam. He is a long time patient because many different circumstances (including Covid) has resulted in his braces being on for more than twice the scheduled time. Braces started before high school. Now he’s going into his Sr yr and finally heard the good news that only weeks after the bands are put on his braces would be off. He said “I”LL believe it when I see it” He could not believe it when his baseball team advanced to the playoffs (today) and the playoff game landed right at the time of the appointment to get his bands on. This disappointment of missing his appointment outweighed the joy of winning the game. Now he is told the next opening is a 3 week delay. He asked if we can tell the Dr he will go any time, day or night to get the bands put on ASAP. Can you please find a time to fit him in this week? The poor kid even had to deal with getting Covid in the middle of his JR baseball season which set him back both for baseball and school. He works so hard on a daily bases spending inordinate amount of time on cleaning and caring for his braces for several years now. He has not done an open mouth smile his entire high school career. Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Sep 17, 2020

A+++ Orthodontist
Penney I.

My rating for Dr. Berro is A+++
I have been in the dental field since 1984,I have worked for some of the best Dr.s in Orange County but Dr. Berro will always be the cherry on the cake for me. He taught me how to be an ortho assistant , expected me to meet very high standards and was very patient and kind even when I made mistakes.
He will always be held in hi respect , because of the way he treated his assistants and ran his office.
As a mother he is an Exceptional Orthodontist and I have only seen beautiful smiles come out of his office.
Thank You Dr. Berro for the opportunity to learn from you,
because of you I have been very successful on the orthodontic field,and uphold very hi standards in taking care of my patients.
Thanks Dr. Berro!!!

Mar 19, 2019

Nichole N.

Love all the staff and Dr Barro. Both my kids go here and one has special needs, they work flawlessly with him. A++

Oct 09, 2018

BEST Orthodontist
Keri R.

Dr. Berro is an outstanding orthodontist that strives for perfection in not only the appearance of his patients' teeth, but also their bite, alignment, and overall oral health. The staff is excellent! They go above and beyond in communication and accommodating their patients' needs; especially scheduling appointments at convenient times and arranging payment schedules. The office environment is inviting, innovative, and always clean! Patients are motivated to comply with treatment due to fun incentives! I highly recommend Dr. Berro and his team!

Mar 13, 2018

Simply the Best!

My overall experience with Dr. Berro’s office has been nothing short of amazing. From the moment I walked into the office I felt comfortable. Dr. Berro is a true perfectionist and his staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. They take a genuine interest in their patients, an experience unlike any other office I have been to. I would highly recommend!

Mar 13, 2018

Outstanding Orthodontic Care

My family has been coming to Dr. Berro's office for years to receive their orthodontic treatments. We could not be happier with the care and how well our teeth turned out. Will be recommending Dr. Berro's office to everyone.

Feb 05, 2018

Family Orthodontist for Life
Lil v.

What can i say, Dr.Berro has been our Family Orthodontist for over 20 years. From my nephews to my children. Same staff members since i brought my children 18 years ago. They know how to take care of patients. Dr. Berro is very nice and sincerely care for each individual. All of our family friends kids has Dr.Berro too. I do not speak or write review for anyone unless i have had good experience and actually used their services. Kudos to Marie and Tiffany too... i love seeing their smiling faces when you check in. I feel like I need to have another child just to render their services..:) oh wait..i do have a grandson who is 2 years old now...soon to be there in 10 years. Thank you guys for wonderful services throughout these years.