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The best if the best when it comes to Dentist and the best staff ever!!!

Highly Recommend

I've had Dr. Kaiser as my dentist for 6 years. He is always honest and thoroughly explains everything in detail. I've had terrible experiences before with other dentists. I trust Dr. Kaiser to take care of my teeth and will only go to him.

Five Stars Rating

Today was my first time seeing Dr. Kaiser and I must say I was very impressed. His staff was so helpful and kind. Dr. Kaiser made me feel very comfortable and gave a clear understanding of the treatment plan. Thanks Dr. Kaiser & Staff

Best dentist and staff in BCS!!!

I've moved around Texas quite a bit & believe me when I tell you that you won't find a better dentist or staff than what Dr. Kaiser has in College Station.

My first visit was about 8 years ago. In that moment, I didn't care about reviews, pricing, or anything that wasn't "Can you get me in right now?" & "Where are you located?". They were able to squeeze me in, worked w/ my insurance, didn't take advantage of me in that moment where I would've paid anything to stop hurting, & never made me feel embarrassed about the state of my teeth. I never did take great care of them as a kid & even though I got better as an adult, much of the damage was already done.

They brought me in, helped get me out of pain, & put together a comprehensive plan to get my teeth healthy again. Moreover, they made certain to be cognizant of what my insurance would pay/ what I could afford out of pocket, & performed near miracles within those parameters. I've been going there ever since. Sure, the work is excellent, but I more or less expect it from a dentist in College Station proper. He's always very kind & obliges my preference to not talk to me about whatever it is he's doing whilst digging around in there (gives me a little anxiety to know what's coming... haha), & his staff are top notch at their jobs.

Who looks forward to going to the dentist? I do. I just left there now and will be back for my follow-up on Monday!

If you're already going anyway, why not go to the best?

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Dr. Curtis Kaiser

Website: http://drcurtiskaiser.com

2911 Texas Ave. S., Suite 101
College Station, TX 77845
Phone: (979) 696-1121

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